Aleke Schücking

CEO and Founder

Team for Business English

I grew up in 2 cities: Hamburg, Germany and Austin, Texas. I studied at 2 universities: University of Texas and University of Cologne. I work and live in 2 different cultures. So, I am truly bilingual, and I am also a pioneer at heart. This has given me the ideal background for what I do.

I teach business people the language and communication skills they need to excel and perform in their professional life.

Also, I am curious about people and how they learn best. This was the motor that led me to develop my special teaching methodology and start my own school for business English in 1998 in Cologne.

In my spare time, I do yoga, go out with my dog, ride my bike and look after the ducks, swans and all the other water birds in Cologne.


The Trainers

An Overview

What makes us special?

  • We’re a colorful group with diverse business backgrounds.
  • We have long-term business English training experience.
  • We love what we do and aim for your success.

Francis, USA

Master of Business, certified independent paralegal, manager automotive industry

Randa, Britain and Jordan

Diploma of Laws, fluent Arabic

Rob, Britain, Korea and Taiwan

Master of Chinese Studies, teacher of Chinese

Amin, USA and Canada

German and Iranian background, Master of Psychology, entrepreneur, fluent Farsi

Susannah, Britain

British and German background, Bachelor of German Literature and Philosophy, director of studies

Karen, USA

Bachelor of Commercial and Industrial Fitness Management, certified expatriate coach and consultant

Michael, Ireland

Study of Painting and Sculpture, graphic artist, art director, advertising company, Cambridge examiner